A little bit of Portraits35

This business has grown out of a genuine love of people. Sharing moments in peoples lives and using photography to communicate and savour those memories forever is amazing.

I have been surrounded by photography from an early age, my dad had a darkroom under the stairs before I was born and was a keen photographer (and a pretty good one I might add). I remember seeing images that my dad had produced after a trip to Cornwall one year and being totally amazed by these black and white images. This sparked an interest and luckily for me my parents must have realised because I got my first 'point and shoot' camera at the age of eight and started to photograph anything and everything!

Christmas of 1990, Santa brought me my first 35mm SLR. I was hooked, I later decided to study photography at school, college and university.

I have been teaching photography for over ten years, both darkroom and digitally based. 

My love of 35mm film photography is responsible not only for the birth of Portraits35 but the name too. 

I shoot mainly digital these days but offer an additional service where I shoot 35mm film for couples that want a retro addition to their images. Some examples can be found in the services section of the site.

I hope you love my images as much as I do and I hope to meet you soon!